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What we do

SecureIT is an ICT Consulting Company. Our service offering include infrastructure Security consulting, networking & Server solutions, Preventive Maintenance, Websites development, Data Management and Business Continuity Services.

We have a team of seasoned IT professionals, with extensive knowledge spanning from network planning, installation, security configuration and implementation.

We understand the appetite for innovative cutting edge technology our customers’ have and their zeal to drive businesses to the next level.

We are there to deliver the right solutions and services at the perfect timing. We mind the technology space, while you, our customers concentrate more on business transactions. A perfect Synergy!

Therefore, share with us your business goals, pain points, and ours is to devise the IT strategy, to deploy the right solution across your organization.


We strive to offer secure & innovative solutions that ensure our clients are Cyber safe and maintain a competitive edge .

How We do It

we always works in transparent consultation with our customers throughout all the project stages. We are always there when our clients need us.

Products & Services

We offer complete IT Solutions, that suite organizations of any size, from SME to large corporates
both in the Public and Private Sector.

We offer the following Services:

Corporate Antivirus Solutions
Onsite and Remote Technical Support
Network Infrastructure planning, design, and implementation
Network Cabling
Managed infrastructure through SLA`s
Backup and Disaster Recovery Consulting

Managed/Outsourcing Services

SECUREIT can effectively manage and support your ICT Infrastructure, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on your core business.

We offer annual support contracts to our clients enabling them manage and maintain their IT departments with predictable costs.

We can do this as first level support or as secondary support to your internal IT staff, tapping on our expertise and experience.

Antivirus Software Solutions

We are an Authorized reseller for Kaspersky Lab Antivirus Solutions

"Do more with less" has become a business manthra over the past few years. Businesses have always looked to squeeze the maximum benefits out of ICT resources at the lowest possible cost, but the challenge for IT Professionals is keeping pace with the complexity in the face of limited resources.IT risks are growing greater than ever and business have to be prepared play the new game alltogether. With the recent wave of Ransomware attacks world-over, the greatest question is, Could your network survive such attacks? What mitigation measures have your organisation put in place?We offer a multi-layered approach to enterprise security, providing proactive response and efficient protection against cyber-threats, from malware, spam, hackers, DDoS attacks, cyber-espionage tools, that target critical infrastructure with potentially catastrophic consequences.


How-to videos

Watch videos on how to protect against cryptoviruses in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10:



We are an Authorized Microsoft Refurbishers and help organization stay compliant by assisting the with Microsoft License compliance Audit.

What we do:

  • Asset management -inventory, planning, resale
  • Asset disposal – pick up at your site
  • Asset disposal – dropped off to our site
  • Data services –secure data wiping
  • Brokering - auction, resale & export
  • Reuse - refurbishing, remanufacturing, resale
  • Refurbished resale to education establishments
  • Refurbished resale to small businesses
  • Refurbished resale to non-profit organizations
  • Refurbished resale to individuals
  • Refurbished resale to other customer types
  • De-manufacturing -disassembly and separation of reusable or saleable parts
  • Recycling - separating materials such as plastics, metal and glass
  • Materials processing and refining (shred, grind, pelletize materials)

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